Italian Style At The Frist

Italian Style At The Frist

Do you know what a fashgasm is? I'm about to show you what it looks like. These photos are from the Italian Style: Fashion Since 1945 exhibit currently on display at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts here in Nashville. Assembled from more than 40 collections the exhibit covers everything from the Florentine Sala Bianca to the Roman filmmaking era and the modern fashion capitol of Milan.

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Gotham Girl

As I end the Budget section of BODS I hope you've been left with the impression that there are no end of bargains out there for any Spashionista willing to be diligent and resourceful.

In this post we wave goodbye to frugality and plunge head first into major label elegance. New York City is my birthplace and where I spent my early childhood years - when I was actually cute.

Although it's been many, many years since I called Gotham my home it will always be a part of who I am. Even living on the outskirts of Nashville you can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl. So let's go back to NYC and do it dressed to the nines.

Love the top? Me, too. It's a Vivienne Westwood Green Boeing Blouse in khaki silk from the Autumn/Winter 2012-13 collection at for $320. The skirt, an ALICE by Temperley Dita lace-paneled jersey, is an expensive iteration of my Ilyse Hart LTD black and white lace pencil skirt. This one can be had from and is much pricier at $300. The fox fur trimmed, wool/silk blend pashmina is $543 worth of stunning Gucci style. You can find the Spanish red suede Chie Mihara Sour Floral T-Strap Pump shoes at Neiman Marcus. They'll only set you back $470. The clutch comes to us from Harrod's. A McQ Alexander McQueen Albion Envelope  for $740 (£470). The bracelet and rings are both Alexander McQueen as well. The pearl bracelet is from Bergdorf Goodman and the gold finish brass Quad Band Skull ring from; $2565 and $265, respectively. The Jazzy Power chair will keep you moving in style for $3529 from

Grand totals? Without the chair, $5203; with, $8732. Either way this is more than I'll ever spend on an outfit. But I think I'd look amazing in these pieces. Now, where are the cheap knockoffs?

Spashionistas Wanted

The outfits that I put together for Fashion Friday are based on my BODS profile. Sure, some of the items I use are beyond my price range but I’m certain I can find reasonable equivalents within my budget. I would love the opportunity to put some together for you for the next installment of Fashion Friday. If you’re interested email me with your BODS profile and we’ll make it happen!

Be the Star of Your Own Life; Let Your Style Shine.

I don't care who you are or what your flaws make you - don't let them break you.

You can be dressed from head to toe in Gucci and Chanel, or GoodWill and Target; your attitude is your best accessory. If you can't hold your head up and look other people in the eye, if you are hesitant and look down at the floor, you can be dressed to the nines and it won't matter. How you carry yourself matters because it is an immediate signal to others about how comfortable you are to be you. It lets them know that, despite your imperfections, you are worth talking to. You are worth getting to know.

This is true beauty. Unlike the latest fad it doesn't disappear at the end of the season. It isn't transient and doesn't require constant revamping. The clothes, the hair, the bling, they're all icing on the cake. They help you feel more confident but will never outshine your inner light. Without that you can never be beautiful. With it you can conquer the world.

Confidence + The Right Clothes = Your Style

Let's find it together!