Vaunting 'Mongst Minions

Vaunting 'Mongst Minions

I couldn't resist borrowing this phrase from the Bard himself.  Is that terribly despicable of me? It seems my life has been going at 90 miles an hour for the past two months. But, no matter how busy I get, spending a little quality time with my better half is very high on my list of priorities.

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Hat and Tales

Hat and Tales

I'll be honest, this post takes me outside of my comfort zone - and it's all The Style Crone and Spy Girl's fault.

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Pattern Mixing: Make My Day

Pattern Mixing: Make My Day

This outfit is brought to you by a happy, undercaffienated accident. 

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Second Hand Rose

This week is dedicated to hands in general and second hands in particular. The second hands of time, the second chances for a hand in Orthopaedic Therapy, and "second-hand" in its most traditional sense.






I thought it would be fitting to visit Opry Mills Mall in an almost entirely thrifted outfit. Continuing with the theme of stepping out of my comfort zone I'm mixing patterns and sporting a Mandarin jacket to boot. It's a Member Ladies High Fashion (no, I've never heard of them either). I picked it up at Music City Thrift a few weeks ago and my husband thought it would look too "costumey", but I think I've proven him wrong. I paired it with this black and white mandarin collared tunic, also thrifted, no label. Both have a subtle floral pattern in approximately the same scale, which shouldn't work, but somehow does. The jeans are Nine West and also thrifted. They also happen to be my favorite pair.

The only items in the picture that aren't thrifted are the jewelry, which is from Stein Mart and my wonderfully talented friend Charisse, the argyle socks from Target, and the shoes. They seemed appropriate to the rest of the outfit and were purchased at Payless in the very same mall.

Sadly, the Mercedes I'm posing with is not mine. However, it does a good job of showing how short and petite I really am. I doubt my feet would reach the pedals. I can hardly wait for that thrilling moment when I start to shrink even further.

Playing in Patti's sandbox again for Visible Monday and Bon Bon Rose Girls for Monday Mingle.

Visible Monday: Target Practice

A few weeks ago on a cold, damp afternoon I decided to check out the Prabal Gurung Spring 2013 capsule collection for Target. Because I knew I'd be swimming in a sea of colorful garments I decided to stand out by wearing black and white.

 photo 20130213_131826_zpsc124d4c7.jpg  photo 20130213_165109_zps505a6669.jpg  photo 20130213_133219_zpscb33a6b6.jpg

Take a five-year old John Paul Richard zebra striped trench jacket, two-year old black Nine West Vintage America jeggings, and add this season's pink Cynthia Rowley cashmere sweater and Dollhouse black studded motorcycle boots from Shi at Galleria. Finish with an Anne Klein watch and a bargain boutique bangle to go with my Medic Alert cuff. The result is a mix of retro and modern, classic and edgy. The only caveat is the jacket, which was a bit big 20 pounds ago, is now huge on me. I was hoping to find a suitable replacement that very day.

 photo 20130213_162043_zpsd50b9570.jpg

As far as the Gurung collection goes I hate to admit I was underwhelmed by it.  photo 20130213_162019_zps44e24a4b.jpg

While I loved the color palette I found the designs to be very unflattering for petite "girls who eat lunch" like me. This is a typical problem for me at Target, but just to be certain I did try on several of the Gurung pieces that caught my eye with no success.

 photo 20130213_162330_zps588ec8cb.jpg  photo 20130213_162148_zpsd1ca8724.jpg

As I handed the garments to the fitting room attendant she confessed that most people were having the same problem. "Everybody says they [the clothes] look better on the hangers."

Better luck next time.

Thanks to Not Dead Yet Style for the Visible Monday linkup.

By the way, I didn't forget last week's teaser in my post about The Wild Hare. I will deliver on my promise but it may not be for several weeks. You'll just have to keep reading. It'll be worth it.

Visible Monday: Errand Girl

This is my very first Visible Monday post. It requires a little backstory.

As I've mentioned before I can't drive, but it doesn't particularly bother me. I'm used to spending the bulk of my time at home and Mr Spashionista and I run our errands on his days off. Last weekend he bent down to tie his shoe and threw his back out very badly. It was so bad we ended up in the ER. He was in no condition to drive for the rest of the week.

We live out in the country where there are no buses and no grocery or restaurant delivery so I had to grab some groceries at the very least. Fortunately, my good- hearted friend Lani offered to take me into West Nashville to take care of a few things.

 photo 20130205_091657_zps1c64c095.jpg

You've seen some of these pieces before, but they were dressed up, not down. This being Nashville, denim is a staple and these Nine West "Date Night" capri jeans are perfect for a busy day. They really are capris, but I'm not quite 5' tall so on me they're skinny jeans! Okay, I'm not skinny, either, but you get the idea. The navy knit top is an R-Q-T Petite. Being incredibly buxom I generally steer clear of knit tops that are cut this high, but this one has a built-in silver mock ringed necklace detail that draws the eye down a bit. My ruffled raspberry Baccini jacket is terrific if I have to push myself in my wheelchair for long distances because it stays put. Because it's made of polyeurethane it also wipes clean if the sleeves get a little wheelchair spoke schmutz on them.

 photo 20130205_091804_zpsaf1e7200.jpg

Just because I'm running errands doesn't mean I have to look boring, right? Here's a navy sequined oxford done oh-so-right courtesy of Shi by Journeys. The socks are fisherman’s cable ivory boot socks I talked about in Shop Smart, Stay Fit, Get Noticed, Be Fabulous

 photo 20130205_091900_zpsd25bde13.jpg

The accessories are worth a look, too. The watch is silicone two toned purple from Stein Mart. Finally, this marks the debut of my cuff-styled Medic Alert bracelet. In all honesty my expectations for this trinket were pretty low but I'm happy to have been prove wrong. For what it is it's understated and inconspicuous. I will have several other Medic Alert bracelets to show off in the near future.

Thanks to Patti at Not Dead Yet Style for letting me play in her sandbox. I hope to participate in more Visible Monday linkups in the future.