Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

January 31st is Inspire Your Heart With Art Day. The last day of January is designated as a time to elevate the heart and soul through observing and/or creating works of art.

How serendipitous. I was just marveling at the new Spring/Summer show from Alexander McQueen and the brilliance of building an entire collection inspired by wasps. Haute couture is more than fashion; it's high art.


I finally put together two shadow boxes filled with goodies from my visit last fall to the Alphonse Mucha exhibit at the National Czech and Slovak Museum in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

 photo 20130131_074639.jpg photo 20130131_074827.jpg

This weekend I will be attending the opening of Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age: Highlights from the Detroit Institute of Arts at The Frist Center for the Visual Arts. I'm very fortunate in that my local museums often host wonderfully interesting and important exhibitions.


I sorely miss being able to create art. I'm hoping that my hand will soon heal sufficiently for me to resume my 3D artwork - even if it's slowly and steadily. Don't get me wrong, I'm thoroughly enjoying being creative with the blog, and the fellowship with all the wonderful ladies I've met since I started Spashionista Report nearly a year ago.

What will you create today?

Fa La La La Friday: Here's My Card

We interrupt our regular Fashion Friday - just for this week, I promise - to bring you tidings of comfort and joy. xmas20125x7onone

As you all may know I am an artist (or I think I'm an artist, depending on whether you like my art or not). It normally takes me a long time to finish a piece, but a hand injury earlier this year has precluded me doing anything artistic at all. Two weeks ago I decided I would attempt to do a holiday card, figuring I'd never be able to finish in time given my injury and everything else I had to do.

As you can see, I was clearly wrong.  Rendered in Poser Pro 2012, postworked in Photoshop CS5. It was the angel iconography all around me that inspired the image, entitled, "Angelic Message". So here is my card to all of you. The inside reads, "May the joy of the season remain in your heart long after the holidays are over".

Thank you for making my holiday season a happy one!

Red, White and Blue

Here's a quick addendum to the "American and Proud" post. Red, White and Blue

Here's what I wore for the Fourth of July. Patriotic without being cheesy. Nothing fussy, just a cool outfit for the oppressively hot summer's day.

Recognize the shoes from the previous post? I'll be talking about shoes soon in a dedicated post. Who am I kidding? It'll be several posts!

Oh yeah, the art over my left shoulder's mine. Yup, I did that. Talk about a lady in red! If you'd like to see more of my artwork (and are old enough to view artistic nudity) visit my art site Gallery Celesta.

Enjoy the holiday everyone!