In Search Of A Pretty Medic Alert Bracelet

I am in desperate need of a particular piece of jewelry. Need; not want. This past weekend made that apparent.

I had a fairly common infection for which I was prescribed a common antibiotic, one that I had taken before. After the third dose it was clear that something wasn't right. I felt light-headed. I had big, itchy, red splotches on my neck, chest and arms, and I had difficulty swallowing. I was experiencing an allergic reaction called anaphylaxis - which can be deadly. Fortunately, it was Saturday so my husband was home. He quickly gave me two Benadryl, about five gallons of water to drink, and a watchful eye until I regained my senses and felt the lump in my throat subside.

The blotches on my skin are fading but the message will remain with me long afterwards. This is the third antibiotic medication I've developed an allergy to. What happens if I'm in an accident, or in full-blown anaphylactic shock, and can't communicate my allergies to those around me?

I can no longer ignore the fact that I have to get a Medical Alert bracelet. I had one many years ago, but it was hideous, and now obsolete given my body's newfound finicky attitude towards antibiotics. But I refuse to wear anything that looks even remotely like my original "chain link" bangle.


I'd love it if I could afford solid gold, but I can't, and gold-plating always wears off. Likewise, the "charm" option isn't good for me because it'll get stuck in my wheelchair spokes as I'm pushing and fall off. A brief look around Pinterest yielded some promising options.








The prices for all of these range from $40 to $50 including engraving. I should add that the ID tags and lobster clawed bracelets are interchangable so you can see the combinations are endless.

What do you think? None of them is right for every outfit or occasion. Should I get more than one? Please help me decide.

Oh, and remind me to have "Cerebral Palsy" engraved on it this time - because last time I forgot!