Website Wednesday: Like My New Outfit?

When I started Spashionista Report ten months ago I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to say. I had less of a concrete vision of what I wanted the website to look like. So I picked a colorful and whimsical wordpress theme and focused on building the site's content. As time went on it came to my attention that the site design didn't translate well on portable devices like tablet and phones. I also felt it needed to look more sophisticated and more representative of the content I've been conveying.

This morning I bit the bullet and made the change. Spashionista Report is now chicer, sleeker, and mobile and tablet friendly. I hope you, my wonderful readers, approve of the overhaul and I welcome your feedback!

Fashion Friday: Push It Real Good

Fashion Friday: Push It Real Good

How about something fun, yet chic and wheelchair-friendly, for Sunday brunch or a matinee? You can't go wrong with a crisp, white pair of Bermuda shorts paired with a smudged, pleated top. If you're able to wear sandals this two-toned braided pair are a definite upgrade from the lowly flip-flop. Add a camel scarf and some bright accessories and you're sure to turn heads - in a good way!

Fashion Friday: American and Proud!

I am a first generation American. The first in my family to be born in the United States my Franco-Cuban heritage will always be a part of me - but I'm as American as they come. Needless to say I enjoy celebrating my country's birthday. I am fortunate in that I live in the boonies and every year my neighbor two houses down goes all out and treats us to a full-blown fireworks show hubby and I can watch from our deck.

So, in honor of the holiday, this week's outfit is a few days early and is all about the 4th of July.

Admittedly it borders on literal but the stars and stripes are more a palette than a uniform here. The idea is to look cool and casual without looking sloppy or cliche. The stars on the skinny jeans are the only element directly lifted from the US flag. The detailed burgundy top is perfect for a hot summer night. The white stars oxford shoes are by Unrated. I actually own these shoes and they are very chic and summery, even for an oxford. The shoulder bag and accessories pick up on the colors in the top to round out the outfit. If it were me I'd need a sheer or lacy shrug over the top to cover my MUA (Matronly Upper Arms) and bra straps - because they just don't make a strapless bra for girls as busty as me. I'd also need clip-on earrings because my ears are no longer pierced.

Ready to sparkle?