Fashion Friday: September Style

This week I'm going to show you two versions of Fashion Friday. One is the haute couture version; the other is my budget workaround.         

Here are two outfits perfect for running around town in post-Labor Day style. Given that it's made up of separates either outfit's pieces are very versatile and can be dressed up or down in many different ways depending on what each piece is paired with. In my opinion versatility adds value. I'm more inclined to buy separates I can use in multiple ways because it makes my clothing budget money go further.

If you've got money to burn you can opt for the $2,400 Chanel Vintage tweed jacket, the Jason Wu color block stretch jersey pencil skirt for $695, Costume National leather sandals at $400, and the $3,400 Bottega Venata "Cervo" Fire (Orange) Leather Woven Satchel. Total cost for the designer label version is $6,895.

My version is considerably cheaper but no less chic. The black cotton Contrast jacket is from the clearance rack at Marshall's and set me back $19.99. My skirt is fresh off the racks of Forever21+. Can you believe an "XL" is considered a plus size? At $17.80 I could care less what they call it. I call it a good deal. My black XAPPEAL heels are from Rack Room Shoes as part of a BOGO so they cost me $16.50. The bag is a TJ Maxx find, a certified "vegan" bag from Urban Expressions and a steal at $32.00. Total cost for my cheap knockoff look is a whopping $86.25.

Now I'm off to get ready for the British Invasion. I get to play tour guide this weekend - I expect it'll be tons of fun!

Spashionistas Wanted

The outfits that I put together for Fashion Friday are based on my BODS profile. Sure, some of the items I use are beyond my price range but I’m certain I can find reasonable equivalents within my budget. I would love the opportunity to put some together for you for the next installment of Fashion Friday. If you’re interested email me with your BODS profile and we’ll make it happen!


Yes, I know it's not a real word, but it's how I save big bucks on new clothes.

Forget about the mall with it's pricey department stores. Unless I'm having a Cinderella Moment I'm not paying full price for anything I find in a major mall. The real savings are to be had in places like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Stein Mart, and outlet malls. Of course, it's still important to be choosy because even at discount prices it's easy to break the bank. Having said that, let me show you a few recent examples of my most notable acquisitions from the outlet stores.

Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App
Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Let's go clockwise and start with the fuchsia print blouson dress. I bought it in May during the grand reopening of Opry Mills Outlet Mall at Express. It was already on their clearance rack at $29.99 but with the added mall promos I got it for an additional $8 off. The white dress is Solitaire by Ravikhosra from Marshall's. I wanted a lace dress and tried on several at different stores, some of them much more than I wanted to spend, but none of them were flattering. This one has more of a flare in the skirt, was a better fit all around, and at $24.99 was too good to resist. Next we have a lovely Max Studio french navy top on seasonal clearance at TJ Maxx for a whopping $6.99. Because I'm petite I'll wear it loosely belted over leggings or a pencil skirt. Last, but not least, this gorgeous empire waisted Live and Let Live multi-colored top was $11.99 from Stein Mart's clearance rack. I am admittedly biased towards that store and may do an entire post about them in the future. So let's see, by my calculations the total for all four items comes to $65.96. I don't know about you but I think that's perfectly respectable in terms of the bang-for-your-buck factor. Oh, and the bottoms in the last picture will be part of our next destination. Aren't you just dying to know where I got them? Find any great bargains like these lately you'd like to share with us?