A Black And White Solution

It's that tenuous time of year in Nashville when Winter and Spring are wrestling for control weatherwise. One day it's warm enough for a light jacket. The next you're back to huddling up in a heavy coat. It can be challenging for me to dress for the day's weather depending on what I will be doing. I can't wear a lot of layers because if it gets too warm to wear all of them I only have a small backpack on my wheelchair to stow them in. Sometimes the solution is very black and white.

 photo 20130206_144231_zps8e1de403.jpg

The pants are Larry Levine black and white pinstripe with a built-in belt. This will likely be the last time I wear them because they are too big and have too many convoluted fasteners for my uncoordinated fingers. My black and white Vans are a nod to the classic Saddle shoes I wore as a young adult. The red Urban Expressions bag is this winter's go to because it doesn't have zippers or fasteners that snag delicate knitwear.

 photo 20130206_123924_zps8476a134.jpg

You've seen this while dolman sleeved For Cynthia sweater before, last fall to be specific in Fashion Friday: A Purrfect Outfit. It's an ideal between seasons piece because you can pair it with another sweater underneath for colder days or a tank like this black studded Mishca for Springlike temps.

 photo 20130206_131816_zpsdfbb4489.jpg

Accessories are kept to a minimum. Just my red bracelet and Medic Alert Cuff. But I'm sure you're not looking at my wrist. As promised in my Passionate About Nashville's Wild Hare post here is the dessert I've been teasing you over. That luscious confection is The Wild Hare's Flourless Chocolate Torte. It's my favorite chocolate dessert in all of Nashville - and that's saying something because I'm quite the chocoholic. I could eat this diet-wrecker everyday and it takes a Herculean effort for me to pass it up.

As I write this it's 70 degrees. Tomorrow we're back into the 50's and 30's for a few days. I may get to wear this sweater again this week.

Thanks as always to Patti for the Visible Monday linkup.

Angels And Ministers Of Grace

Are all around us this time of year. Not necessarily in a religious sense, but the iconography is everywhere, even in fashion.

dolmansleeves purrboots whiteponcho

Forget about the literality of the Victoria's Secret Angels. Even if you don't have wings tattooed to your back (ouch) you, too can rock an angelic look. The butterfly sleeves of summer have given way to the dolmans and ponchos of winter, emulating the flowing robes of the heavenly messengers.

How about some macaroni couture?

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For your tree, of course. This tiny angel sits atop my mini purple Christmas tree. Made primarily out of painted pasta, it's actually a pin and was given to me by her creator, a complete stranger,  in a grocery store. She pulled this tiny bauble out of her bag and said, "Here. I hope it brings you lots of blessings." What better place for this gracious gift than on my mini tree where I can see it every day? I smile every time I look over at my glutenous tree topper.

Those of you that know me know that I'm no angel, but I do have my angelic moments. Last Saturday we had a family buffet which I had the pleasure of coordinating for a second time.

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Twenty of hubby's family members from as far away as Memphis gathered to a ridiculous amount of food. We had so many desserts, which aren't pictured, that they needed their own table! I cooked a portion of our feast and others brought their offerings until we had the spread you see above. When it was all said and done there were copious amounts of leftovers, all of which were boxed up and distributed to needy families.

Because when you give to others with an unconditional heart you wear one of the most difficult accessories you can find nowadays; grace.