It's Raining JCPenney

What do you wear on a drizzly, dribbly day when it's too hot for a trench coat and too soggy for Spring finery?

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This still reads "Spring", just in a softer, more subtle way than last week's outfit. A fitted Live A Little white denim jacket with a ruffled collar is a great alternative to a raincoat. Emerald green is Pantone's color of the year and this Como sleeveless shirt is in a slightly softer shade more evocative of the season. These are my new Chico's jeans from Goodnight Moon and Dizzy leopard print ankle rain booties.

I ventured out in the rain to do some errands pretty far from my usual haunts and on a whim I stopped into JCP. There's been a lot written about JCPenney recently. Several of my fellow bloggers, including Pam Lutrell and Heather Fonseca, have weighed in on the pros and cons of the department store's recent restructuring. There aren't many JCP's left in the Nashville area so it's taken me a while to get a chance to take a good look at a revamped store.

The trouble is I might not have waited long enough. The store I visited was undergoing extensive renovations so a fair portion of it was roped off and encased in white builder's plastic. The much anticipated Joe Fresh and Duro Olawu lines were nowhere to be found. However, there were a few areas I could get to including the Petites section.

 photo 20130329_161245_zpsb829ea31.jpg

Like every other major department store Petites section this one was fine, but didn't "wow" me. Admittedly, at this point it would take a little work to impress me on this front. There are decent pieces here at low price points with an equal mix of work and casual attire. Think slightly higher end than Target and you're in the ball park. I will definitely go back next time I'm nearby in the hopes I'll get a more complete perspective.

One thing I will not have  to go back for is perfume. JCP's Sephora was unspoilt so I was able to try out Marchesa's D'Extase. I immediately fell in love with it and snapped up this nifty little set for under $30.


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Starlight, Star Bright, Cool Colors Look Just Right

If Warm colors don't look good on you then you might just be a Cool kid.

People that wear Cool and Bright colors well tend to have alabaster white or olive skin devoid of freckles. Whereas the Warm palette suits yellow undertones the Cool palette suits blue undertones. Their hair lacks any auburn and when it goes gray it's that beautiful shade of silvery white with no trace of yellow. Cool and Brights have dark eyes or a dark rim around their irises.

Since Cool and Bright people are on the opposite end of the spectrum from their Warm counterparts they should avoid browns, rust, apricot and beige as these do nothing for their complexion.

Black is the neutral of choice for this group, followed by gray and navy blue.

You look great in very cold shades of pink and blue and bright jewel tones

I compiled all of these images using Polyvore.

Is this more your speed? Do these colors work better for you than the Warm palette but seem a little too much for your coloring? Are you completely confused?

Fear not; there is a third group.