What Would You Do?

If you were out on an adventure and found something you needed to embark on another, longer, more exciting adventure?

I found myself faced with this question as Mr Spashionista and I entertained our company from across the pond - remember, I introduced you to them in Reconnecting The Dots?

We spent several days together and I was in heaven. Not only because I got to see my old friends, but because I got to spend some serious quality shopping time with my newest friend. Lindsay is a beautiful girly-girl with a serious talent for shopping. We spent about half her visit finding great bargains for her to take home to England. Alas, we forgot to take a photo of all the goodies together so she promised to email one to me and I'll save it for another post.

This post is about something I found while the two of us were pillaging one of the local thrift stores. Actually, that's not true. Lindsay found it and, under normal circumstances I wouldn'tve bought it because it would've sat, unused, at the top of my closet.

Recognize it yet? It's a Louis Vuitton keepall 60 shoulder bag. Leather tag, suede interior,"made in France"; the real deal. And a deal it was at $50. My luggage sank in the 2010 flood two years ago and I hadn't seen the need to replace it until now.

I bought it because later this year, for the first time in over 10 years, I will be taking a trip and this bag is perfectly suited to my requirements.

Of course I'll be chronicling my journey and will divulge more details later. But I just couldn't keep my treasure to myself a minute longer!