Three Unique Nashville Jewelry Artisans

Three Unique Nashville Jewelry Artisans

Jewelry; the perfect gift to give that special friend or family member - and an even better gift to receive. Just in time for your holiday shopping, I want to introduce you to three very different, extremely talented local jewelry artisans that are sure to enthrall, enchant, and satisfy all your gift-giving needs. 

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Amanda Valentine Spring 2014 Trunk Show

Amanda Valentine Spring 2014 Trunk Show

There's a lot more going on in Nashville during Fashion Week than runway shows. To that end, I was happy to accept my friend Amanda Valentine's invitation to see her new collection for Spring 2014 firsthand.

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Boticca: Uniqueness In Bling

Boticca: Uniqueness In Bling

Boticca is the place to start your search if you're looking for jewelry, bags and accessories by independent designers from all around the world.

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Art2Wear In Nashville

I generally don't post on the weekend but there's a fabulous event taking place in Nashville right now that I just had to share.


Yours truly and my better half had the honor of attending the preview gala for Art2Wear. Artists and artisans from all over the country presented their hand crafted jewelry, apparel, and accessories to be sold during the Grand Showcase today and tomorrow. We were treated to cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, serenaded by strolling musicians, and treated to an ever-changing runway of models wearing some of the items available for sale.

Not only did I get to peruse a myriad of truly gorgeous merchandise, I also spoke at length with many of the artists. Their skill and passion for their work really inspired me. The evening went by so quickly that it caught us by surprise when we literally shut the place down. In the coming weeks and months I will be introducing you to some of these wonderful people and talking about the uniquely beautiful things they create - all of which are meant to be worn.

In the meantime, if you live in the Middle Tennessee area I strongly encourage you to go and see the showcase for yourselves. It's being held at the Student Life Center on Vanderbilt campus, 310 25th Ave. S. from 10-6 today and 11-5 on Sunday. Tickets are $10 in advance and at the door. They can be purchased here.

I'll leave you with some of the video highlights from last night. You can expect many more photos, interviews, and vendor information in the future.

[wpvideo oyHEB7N5]

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Don't Buy That Yet

If you've been a regular reader of Spashionista Report you know that I love a good bargain and I hardly ever pay retail for anything. Now, it's obvious to any smart shopper that you go for the places, sites, and items that are on sale. But did you know that there are actually optimal months, even days of the week, to buy certain things? No? Well, let me clue you in on a strategy that can save you lots of money. Let me elevate your retail IQ.

• January is filled with post-holiday sales, clearances, and closeouts.

• February is the best time to buy winter shoes, boots, socks and tights. Lingerie is typically on sale as Valentine's Day approaches.

• March is denim discount month. Buy your jeans now. Small electronics like DVD players and iPods see a price drop this month as well. If you need luggage this is the month to pick it up.

• April brings us big spring clothing sales, especially women's and girl's dresses and shoes. Computers can also be had for less this month.

• May sees a resurgence in lingerie sales as well as athletic clothing and shoes. Swinmwear begins to be marked down while inventory is still plentiful. Jewelry is deeply discounted for Mother's Day.

• June heralds in the men's clothing and power tool sales in honor of Father's Day.

• July is a prime month to buy a bag or a swimsuit. Men's shoes go on sale, too.

• August ushers in all the back to school sales - which include sales tax holiday weekends in some states. Coats and cosmetics can also be had on the cheap.

• September sees another big price decrease for jeans. Fall fashions are unveiled at sale prices, and gardening supplies are on clearance this month.

• October is the best time to do some early holiday shopping. The weekend before Halloween typically sees big sales on clothing and computers.

• November marks the cornucopia of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales - which are starting earlier every year. If you're going to take advantage of have a list and a budget with you before you dive in. If you need a sweater this is the month to buy one.

• December brings the lowest toy and children's clothes prices yet along with the usual holiday sales. After Christmas holiday decorations are deeply discounted, as is any inventory that didn't sell by December 25th. The last week of December marks the lowest clothing prices of the year.

Need more help? According to, a San Francisco company that analyzes more than 750,000 sales items a year from more than 200 online retailers:

• Mondays: Shoppers can save nearly 50% on men’s and women’s dress pants, and about 55% on sunglasses.

• Tuesdays: Expect to save more than 40% on men’s apparel.

• Wednesdays: Shoppers save about 40% on shoes and children’s clothes.

• Thursdays: Save 36% on handbags.

• Fridays: Pay 42% less for jewelry, belts and scarves.

• Saturdays: Lingerie (37% off) and jackets/outerwear (51% off).

• Sundays: Swimsuits (52% off).

There is a bit of fluidity in these categories that may vary from region to region within the US, but this should give you a framework to start shopping more strategically and intelligently.


I Got Presents!

I just thought I'd take a moment to share with you the lovely gifts I received for the holidays.

My wonderful friend Lani conspired with Matthew Perry Bretherick and got me this lovely pewter clutch with skulls detail from Shi. Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

My brother-in-law supplied the lovely purple paisley silk scarf. Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Mr Spashionista did a great job picking wonderful presents for me this year. Here's a stationary exercise peddler I've been wanting (yes, really). Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

I love this purple floral cover for my Note tablet. Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

He really outdid himself in the jewelry department. The bracelet features some of Alphonse Mucha's pieces depicted in charms. Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

If the necklace looks familiar it's because I already own a companion piece in amethyst. Like it's mate, the amber necklace is from 1902 and was made in Prague from Sworovski crystals. Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Later today we'll treat ourselves to a home-cooked steak dinner.It's supposed to snow tomorrow but we're already planning our after-Christmas shopping strategy.

How about you? Did you get what you wanted for the holidays?