Five Reasons To Get A Beauty Makeover

Five Reasons To Get A Beauty Makeover

The older you get, the more you need to put your best face forward; literally. For many years I didn't wear any makeup at all, until I turned 50 and started to notice gravity and age starting to take it's toll on my face. I discovered Laguna Naturals Anti-Aging Serum - check the post for a special coupon code for you to try it, too - and decided to book a makeover at Sephora. It was one of the smartest things I've ever done. Here are five reasons why.

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Pack Up Your Troubles...

in your Louis Vuitton bag and smile, smile, smile.

I think in one of my previous posts I briefly mentioned that I haven't been away from home for recreational purposes in about 13 years. I've got a million excuses for this and very few really good reasons. As I get older, slower, more "special needsy" I realized that it may not be long before a trip away from home is more of a production than it's worth.

About six months ago my favorite artist's Facebook page announced that 250 of his pieces would be on exhibit in Cedar Rapids, Iowa until the end of the year. It's the first time his creations have been shown in the US since 1999 and I've never had the chance to see any of his work in an exhibition. Should I go? More importantly, could I go?

Mr Spashionista said, "We're going. That's all there is to it."

So here I am, packing for a few days in Cedar Rapids courtesy of one terrific husband, a wonderful house/dogsitter, and with accessibility and tourist tips from two lovely ladies. I'll get into specifics soon. For now I'm just concerned with packing. There are some things I need to pack that are disability specific. I'm mildly stressed about that because want to be sure I don't forget anything vital. But the bulk of my stress lies in having to cherry pick just a few outfits and accessories that are going with me. I have to be sure I bring clothing that is appropriate for what I'll be doing, comfortable enough to let me do it without feeling constrained or exposed, and accessible enough that I don't have to stress out if  I have to use a public restroom.

The first thing I'll do is pack the medications and supplements I take every day. Instead of a suitcase full of pill boxes (I need every inch of space I can get!) I'm using a 7 day pill dispenser. I carry a small pillbox in my purse so I'll move my meds in by dose as needed. I'll also packing small quantities of "as needed" prescription medicine - anything I can't get from any grocery or convenience store. The next item is my carpal tunnel wrist brace that I have to wear to support my left hand while I sleep if I don't want to spend the next day with a numb hand. Last, but not least, is my blindfold, because lack of sleep will definitely put a damper on my waking hours.

T J Maxx proved to be a great place to find a good-sized cosmetic bag. In it I'll store portable makeup brushes and applicators, makeup and remover, tweezers, clippers, emery board, safety pins, fabric tape, ear plugs. A trip to Bath and Body Works during one of their sales yielded travel-sized shower gel, lotion, and body spray in the same fragrance I wear at home. Likewise Publix provided a travel kit with shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush and paste. The shower scrunchie was separate. I already had a trial sized mouthwash bottle, and the lint brush and mousse are Target purchases.

The only real albatross is going to be my lighted makeup mirror. I wish I didn't need it, but as I'm blind as a bat I have to have a 10x mirror to apply makeup unless I want to look like a rodeo clown.

Maybe I can sweet talk Mr Spashionista into putting it in his suitcase along with the 700 chargers we need for all of our "devices"!

"What about the clothes?" You say. I'll show you those once I get to Cedar Rapids. I may even try to do that in video form; we'll see.

Fashion Friday: Summer Adventure

It's late July here in the US - and it's hot. Actually, that's an understatement. We've had an unusually hot summer so far. Just because it's hot doesn't mean you have to look sloppy or dress skimpily. Why not opt to look "cool" in every sense of the word?

The Carolina Prep blouson tunic top in aqua is airy yet sophisticated and looks terrific paired with the whimsical yellow cropped straight-legged jeans. The leather bag is a fairly demure mushroom with yellow accents and has both a handle and a shoulder strap depending on which method of carriage works best for you. Adding patterned espadrilles and a fun two-toned watch make the outfit youthful and you more approachable. If you are able to apply make up keep the palette neutral.

The crutch is a fashion statement in and of itself. You can find it and many others in terrific colors and patterns at Cool Crutches. Based out of the UK, I can personally vouch for the quality of their equipment. I own a pair myself and not only are they lighter in weight than generic crutches but, at $74.50 per crutch, I think they are a great value as well. If you need crutches get thee to this site immediately. Mine arrived within 48 hours of my internet purchase!

Spashionistas Wanted

The outfits that I put together for Fashion Friday are based  on my BODS profile. Sure, some of the items I use are beyond my price range but I'm certain I can find reasonable equivalents within my budget. I would love the opportunity to put some together for you for the next installment of Fashion Friday. If you're interested email me with your BODS profile and we'll make it happen!

Fashion Friday: L'été [French Summer]

Starting today with the help of Polyvore I intend to post an outfit every Friday with a common thread that is something I can wear either using my crutches or wheeling around in my chair.

This week I wanted to pay tribute to my French heritage by creating an outfit ideal for a Summer stroll. Everything you see here can be found by searching for the word "French" on Polyvore.


The dress is fun and pretty. The lacey butterfly sleeves cover any upper arm issues without looking heavy. The elasticized waist guarantees  it won't twist or ride up while wheeling or walking with crutches. The ballerina flats are bright and comfortable; appropriate for chairs and anyone who doesn't "step-out" of strapless shoes. The over-the-shoulder bag will stay put regardless of whether you're hoofing it or wheeling around. It's also a great way to incorporate the season's trendy tangerine color if it's not in your color palette. Add a few accessories in a muted oranges and bronzes, bright fingernails and muted makeup - if you can manage it - and voilà! You've got a great outfit you can wear anywhere from casual day at the office to dinner and a movie.

I'm not posting specific labels and prices here - although these will show up on my Polyvore page - because I'm focusing on shapes, colors, and functionality. I know how tight money is for us Palsies and it's an issue I will be addressing at length in future posts.

Would you wear this outfit? What are some of the functional issues you need to take into consideration when you go clothes shopping?