Get A Handle On It

We all have limitations. It's just a fact of life. Rather than waste time fretting over them use that energy to work around them. I do.

Here's a prime example of a problem I have that's related to my Cerebral Palsy.


This is one of the newer Samsung Android phones. As cellphones go it's pretty huge, especially in my little hands, and it gets even bigger when you add the Palsy-proof case. In order to use any of the phone's functions I have to be able to hold it in my left hand to leave my dominant hand free to type or scroll. The problem is I have a grasping reflex in my left hand. In other words, I can't delicately handle an item. Instead, I end up squeezing it for dear life. In the case of a cellphone my fingers end up touching the screen and activating all kinds of goodies I don't want opened - not to mention after a minute or two it starts to hurt.

Fortunately, I have a very ingenious husband who set about solving this problem for me - after a quick trip to Michael's for supplies.

Mr Spashionista started by removing the outermost back cover from an Otterbox Commuter case and measured out enough new elastic cords to fit diagonally around the cover. Care was taken so that the camera, flash, and speaker openings at the top were not obstructed.


He then disassembled a pre-made bracelet and restrung it onto the new lengths of elastic.



A few secure knots before reassembling the Otterbox case and the Spashionable phone handle is ready for use!


This works wonderfully! Because my hand slips in so easily I don't have to be petrified I may drop the phone any minute. As an added bonus, because I can keep my palm fairly open there's no dreaded grasping reflex!

After testing the rig for several days some "stability bling" was added to the opposing corners using glass bead adhesive to keep the phone from rocking excessively when it's used on a flat surface.


Problem solved for about $10! Of course, now I've started a trend and everybody wants one.