A Tulip In The Garden

I always know that Spring is here when the tulips start peeking up in the garden.


This week I decided to use these lovely bulbs as my inspiration. These photos were taken in my backyard on the first day that showed any sign of Springlike weather.






I love purple and red and I think they work well together.  All of the pieces are from Stein Mart. Pencil skirts were in last fall and they suit my body type so I stocked up. This red one is by Sharagamo and the watermelon jacket is by Baccini. I'm also wearing a purple Vintage Suzie tank that was photographed in detail but I suffered a slight "wardrobe malfunction" so those shots were nixed.

Of course you recognize the Coach and Four purple suede boots from Where's That Groundhog? They still work nicely when the weather is less frigid. Likewise, the purple Anne Klein Watch from Give A Girl The Right Pair Of Shoes and Art Nouveau inspired bangle from A Date With Inspiration are making encore appearances. I wanted to keep the accessories in the same color as the tank and boots.

Lest you forget I do use my polka-dotted crutches around the house and for short jaunts. They are from Cool Crutches and if you ever find yourself in need of some stylish crutches this website offers them in a variety of colors and patterns.

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Where's That Groundhog?


Today's post was going to be a beautiful Spring ensemble to celebrate the new season which Punxsutawney Phil swore to us all would be here early.

That groundhog is an idiot.

Instead of Springlike temperatures it was a balmy 23 degrees when I left the house on Thursday morning to my first day of Orthopedic Therapy at Vanderbilt Hand Clinic in downtown Nashville.  As a result I will instead show you a "Winter's Last Hurrah" ensemble.





These photos were taken at Centennial Park, which is home to the building over my right shoulder. Nashville has often been called the "Athens of the South" so it's appropriate that it should be home to this full-scale replica of the Parthenon. Originally built of plaster, wood, and brick for the Tennessee Centennial Exposition, the attraction became so popular it was rebuilt in the 1920's as a permanent structure. The Parthenon is home to the Athena Parthenos, a 42' replica covered in gold leaf and holding a 6' statue of Nike in the palm of her right hand.

I was hoping to show you an outfit as bright as the daffodils in the planter at the park but it was positively frigid out, even in direct sunlight, because of a very stiff breeze. Fortunately, this winter I finally bought myself a proper wool coat. This one is a Jessica Simpson with a full length lining and zipper and a detachable faux fur collar. Underneath is a crocheted cap sleeved black Slonl acrylic wool blend A-line dress. The Mr dislikes it because he says it looks "grannyish" but I needed something that was both warm and sleeveless because I wasn't sure what Orthopedic Therapy would entail. Of course, I couldn't resist the urge to wear some color and these Coach and Four purple suede boots are warm and very comfortable.

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