Turn "Woe is me" into "Wow, it's me!" 

Are you ready to be a positive instrument for collective social change? 

Are you a fashion or lifestyle blogger that represents a marginalized point-of-view such as disabled, plus-sized, or over 40? Does your blog convey an honest but optimistic perspective that sets a positive example or seeks to bring about inclusive social change?  Are you an individual who regularly faces significant physical or social barriers that limit your fashion or lifestyle choices?

Then you are a Roll Model as described in my blog post of the same title, and I want you to be a part of the Roll Model Roster. The Roll Model Roster will serve as a directory of every fashion blog, lifestyle blog, or individual that wants to band together to support positive social change for their cause. We have all become friends and mutual admirers through the internet. We can now become supportive, vocal, empowered partners that can make a real difference. To accomplish this we will assist each other in a positive manner when we are denied access or acceptance by writing emails, boycotting, and relaying the message to social media and major media outlets. No snark; no extremism. Just consistent, polite pressure - until our collective voices begin to erode the physical and social barriers that impede us.

If you'd like to be a part of the Roll Model Roster please email me at Spashionista@gmail.com  with your name, your blog's name, url, category (fashion or lifestyle) and a brief description of what makes you a Roll Model. Also include a contact email and, once I've approved your site, I'll send you the code to put a Roll Model badge for your website (smaller than pictured below). Once it's in place I'll add you to the roster!


  • Patti Gibbons  of Not Dead Yet Style  As a 50+ blogger, I try to demonstrate that fashion and style have no age boundaries. All ages are beautiful and have a lot to offer each other. We might have seen a few rodeos, but we are Not Dead Yet!
  • Adrienne Shubin of The Rich Life on a Budget  
  • Charlotte Issyvoo of Sublime Mercies Charlotte is an avid advocate for many, including child abuse survivors, and disabled and curvy fashion bloggers. She helps to assuage the impact of chronic pain by focusing on and writing about beautiful things.
  • Tamera Wolfe of Menopausel Supermodel
  • Bella Q of Citizen Rosebud
  • Judith Boyd of Style Crone
  • Kristin Buchholz of Highland Fashionista
  • Megan Gann of Megan Mae Daily
  • Deja Pseu of Une Femme d'un Certain Âge
  • Gabriala Brown of Style Higher
  • Sally McGraw of Already Pretty  Already Pretty is a daily blog about the intersection of style and body image.
  • Stephanie Thomas of Left Hand Style  Disability styling for women and men with disabilities
  • Connie Snow of Snow is in the Air
  • Trina Grandinetti of Tea Time With Trina  I would say I'm a role model simply because I love everything about being a woman, about aging gracefully and living life everyday as positive as I can. 
  • Laura of Tutus and Tiny Hats  I blog about fatshion because I believe in radical fat visibility.
  • Susan and Martin Partlan of Partlan Pattern Designs  We are both 55 and have fit issues. In addition to sewing to wear better fitting garments, we are working hard to provide sewing patterns with better fitting options than are available in most commercial patterns.
  • Jilly Be of Jilly Be Joyful  I'm an over-60 spashionista who sews in order to dress the way I want!
  • Gina Briley of Bespoke Baroque
  • Susan of Flattering 50  My mission is to find fashion for women over 50 that exudes sophistication, energy, and a continuing sense of wonder.
  • Paula Ruta of Fashion Over 50  I can certainly feel frustrated with the limited fashion choices for those of us over 50!
  • Monica of Señora Allnut  I've never think about me as a model, but I opened a blog because I felt misrepresented as a middle aged woman who likes fashion as a creative self expression and who wants to have fun with fashion!


  • Caitlyn Perrieras of Stream of Caitlessness
  • Kimmie Jones of That Girl in the Wheelchair  I am an advocate by living my life with a shred of humor instead of preaching.
  • Deb Brown of Need A Little Advice
  • Alys Milner of Gardening Nirvana
  • Diane Cameron of Women in Recovery
  • Valerie Lewis of Discerning Chi Chi  I'm now finding my voice as such and gaining the confidence to write more about myself and life around me from the perspective of a black, curvy middle aged woman and for whom being creative is an essential part of my existence). 
  • Lucia Borzillo of So What Are You Making for Dinner  I love clothes as much as I love cooking. I just want there to be options that would look flattering on me. I don't want to dress like a teenager but not like the oldest woman in the office either!
  • Emily Ladau of Words I Wheel By I believe in the power of self-advocacy and connecting with leaders and advocates in the disability community to confront societal prejudices. I use writing as a means of giving a voice to issues facing the disability community.
  • Jack Brack of Natural Medley Jazzy Jack identifies as genderqueer, and has Aspergers Syndrome. They post a photo a day called BeautyScope. Through these art pieces they try to add a little beauty or humour into lives perhaps housebound. They love to explore and encourage creativity in all its forms.
  • Allison Thompkins of Phenomenally Me As I begin a new chapter in my life, I have decided to share my unfolding journey with the blogosphere... A journey that is sure to be filled with laughter, faith, CP, love and above all, purple!
  • Devon Austin of Changing Direction Growing up black and female in the turbulent 60’s and a card carrying member of the Baby Boomer generation – I now embrace retirement as a global citizen with a new life (& adventures) abroad as an expat. I blog about my life and share tips on wellness & nutrition, travel & design but my true love is FASHION. I’m over 65 and still believin "The best is yet to come!"